Holland art cities you must visit

The Netherlands or what is often referred to as Holland is known for its great art galleries and museums and more importantly for its great artistic history and culture. The four major cities of Holland have been nicknamed as the art cities because of their much art and architecture which preserves and portrays the culture of the citizens of Netherlands. The country's major museums which are called the art cities of Holland showcase a flood of artistic designs and exhibitions of its cultural wonders for inspection by the general public and visitors.

It is impossible for any right minded person to visit the Netherlands and fail to stop over at Amsterdam. It is a well-known fact that art has been the soul and heartbeat of Amsterdam for many centuries which continues to be the case-up-to date. It is in Amsterdam where the largest art gallery and museum in the world is located. For anyone who gets a chance to visit Rijksmuseum gallery, you will discover some of the most famous drawings and paintings ever done, including the masterpieces of Vermeer.

Just a few minutes' drive from the city of Hague, you will come across the city of Rotterdam that is also known for its art culture. The museum park in Rotterdam is probably the home to some of the largest museums of the city which include Boijmans Van Beuningen museum reflecting the heritage of the town. The city's museums have permanent collection of art and exhibition buildings which exhibit art from as early as the late Middle Ages.

The final towns in the art cities of Holland which I cannot fail to mention are Utrecht and The Hague which offers great and unique pieces of art. I am limited by words and time to mention all the great destinations that you should visit, but you can be sure that Holland is a wonderful country to discover.